Chronicle of the affected!

For quite sometime we have been noticing a different community trying to settle around us. At first it seemed too mundane to consider. They used to exist outside our houses, minding their own business. Ruled by a monarch, the workers carried out regular chores to serve their small community.



There were days when we would notice one or two of them inside our house and with open arms we greeted them. We thought they were facing survival issues, so we let them inside our house and allowed them to roam freely anywhere they pleased.

From one or two they gradually began to increase in numbers. As soon as they entered our dwelling they seemed less charged lacking their signature buzz. Within 24 hours they would die so we had to collect their bodies and silently dump them. Knowing more will foolishly follow their footsteps and the cycle will go on. Feeling sorry for them we assisted them to fly back to their secret nest but every now and then they would march back in our house claiming what was never theirs in the first place.

It seems like history does repeat itself in this case we were the Red Indians. Their attitude began to change, more restless, aggressive and greedy. They had begun to claim our territory thus discouraging our involvement at every level. We were forced to turn a blind eye and accept them as one of us sharing our food and our land. Until one day one of our members was attacked by them. It did seem as a defense mechanism but alarming enough for us to realise that we are losing our control and our sovereignty is under attack.

We began to hunt them whenever we could. It was a war. Both parties now realised there were no common grounds for negotiation. Because our motto has always been “no negotiation with terrorists.”

The attacks had affected our mobility. We avoided the day time and carried our chores in the darkness of night. Like thieves we would sneak out of our house to fulfill our chores. On the seventh day of previous attack, the same member of our community was attacked by them. This time the injuries were much more severe. All hell broke lose!

There were reports of several more attacks from around our community. Innocent families especially women and children were attacked. Outdoor parties and picnics  were disturbed, their food robbed and people were left bruised and in dire need of medical attention. Friendly protests faced similar fate. Seemed as if there is nothing much we can do.

Ever since the recent attack we have been forced to confine ourselves behind the locked doors in a room. Most part of our house has been claimed by terrorists. We are being dictated and held hostages by fifty or so aggressive militants. Clad in yellow jackets and armed with poisonous venom they don’t fear death.

Instead they have forced our men and women to cover up from head to toe. At no cost can we afford to continue our casual lifestyle of singing and dancing. The use of disco lights or lights at all is prohibited as it makes them more aggressive.
Our call for outside help only made matters worse. A team was sent to eliminate these pests but due to the extensive use of chemical weapons we have suffered a serious blow.

Having lost their nest, a large amount of these yellow jackets has settled in our house. Looking back we have realised how our innocence and lack of awareness has cost us our peace. Education and raising awareness is the key to eliminate the misunderstanding that yellow jackets  are wasps and not useful bees. They are mindless extremists which feed on meat and fruits and are considered pests. Under no circumstances must one let them feel welcome.


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