The pursuit of happiness

The meaning of happiness, pain or beauty are subjective and vary according to the person undergoing such emotions. When Socrates questioned Atreus about the reality of beauty, the surprised Atreus replied that the meaning of beauty is known even to a child for it is what we find physically attractive, things that are pretty, things that look good, and pleasant to look at’. Still unconvinced Socrates asked ‘what are we to say that they are mistaken in their thinking and that only that which is physically appealing is beautiful?’

The notion of happiness or peace is no different to beauty as these carry similar emotional characteristics. While spending life in a settled place with vast resources to enjoy the luxuries of life is happiness and peaceful for one might not be the same for other. There might be an exception where someone wants to build his life with moments spent in hard work, where blood and sweat has been shed to achieve the aims of his life. Although, the urge to ‘have it all’ can be found in both characters but the nature of ‘how to have it’, however, will beg to differ.

In today’s world, one’s reason for happiness is predicted by the number of materialistic items one possesses. No doubt these very things make life easier to live, but no way can they be the heartbeat of happiness. Life is made up of moments, moments when you are happy and moments when you are not. But to draw a comparison between a rich man’s happiness with a hobo’s is foolishness because it is hard to understand who derived more satisfaction and happiness from his moment.

 The pursuit of happiness is never ending, the process may vary in length and consume years. But the reason to move on and zeal to achieve the goals and necessities of life should be revered.